The current state of inlex. We're writing the script. this process is fairly closed at the moment as it's been a very long process and needs focus to reach completion.

After that the plan is to create a movie and related media based on the script as a sort of open source project. The scenes to be created by volunteers. likely applications will be taken if there is funding, or scenes may be created by individuals with their own funding.

the first movie is entirely animated in 3d. we'll collect all source materials: images, scenes, models and other source files on this site. Volunteers will be able to use, enhance or recreate and submit back to the project.

The movie will progress in versions as scenes are collected and improve. At some point the movie will reach a 1.0 version and it will be released in the usual movie mediums. The goal being to have free digital downloads but charge money for dvds and theatrical release. Profits of which will go to fund the second movie.

after which point the movie may continue to mature. scenes can always be recreated in better form. the movie will progress in version numbers.